Ken Forbes

The 'Other' Guy

Ken and Leta Forbes

Ken and Leta Forbes

Born as the sixth son and last child into a family of ten. 

The economics of maintaining a household of twelve meant that most of the furniture was homemade of purchase used and reconditioned.  Ken spent much of his childhood building and fixing things under the guidance of his older siblings. 

“All of my siblings are extremely patient and nurturing people, and they always included me in their activities from a very young age.  It is easy to develop a love for something when you are doing it with people you love.” 

Ken graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in Psychology and Business.  He worked as a Resource Design Manager for Air Canada before becoming a Small business consultant in 2001.  Among his clients was Wiggers Custom Furniture.  Ken worked with John Wiggers on many projects over a period of almost twenty years, but he most enjoyed late nights in the shop or weekend trade shows because that is when the fun work happens.  After John’s death in September of 2014 Ken began working with Kevin, and together they created the Vaalsberg & Groenlo as a way of preserving the heritage of the family business while starting an exciting new venture.

Ken is most valued for his lifting abilities, both heavy objects and spirits.